The Year 6 Engage Evening at The Morley Academy takes place on Thursday 6th June from 6:00-7:30 pm and we encourage all of those students who have a place at our academy in September to attend with their families.

Our Year 6 Engage Evening serves as an introduction into life at The Morley Academy. Working alongside their parents or carers, students will be able to meet some of their future classmates, their future teachers and take part in ‘lessons’ which they will begin to study properly in September. Past attendees have praised the evening for enabling students to meet their peers in an academic setting and for taking away some of the nerves that may naturally appear before starting at a new school. Parents and carers who have attended in the past have also told us that they appreciated being able to speak to their child’s teachers and to have an idea of the type of work that their child will be doing in lessons.

On the evening, students and parents or carers who have pre-registered will be put into a ‘class’ for the night. They will take part in a series of ‘lessons’ delivered by staff from three of the following departments; History, PE, Geography, Be Smart, Drama and Science. All those who attend will also take part in a session where they meet the Year 7 pastoral team, including their new Head of Year. Students will also be able to speak to current Year 7 students about how they have found life at The Morley Academy.

As alluded to above, the evening is always incredibly popular with almost entire year groups attending in previous years. With this being the case, so that we can plan the evening accordingly, we ask that all those who wish to attend fill in the reply slip sent on the Engage letter sent in your pack and return it to Mr J Atkinson at The Morley Academy. Alternatively, you can register online be completing the form here.