Year 6 – 7 Transition Key Dates
Thursday 3 October 2019 The Morley Academy Open Evening starting at 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Thursday 31 October 2019 Deadline date for applications for Year 7 places in September 2020
Monday 2 March 2020 National Offers Day
Monday  29 June 2020 New Intake Evening 1 – 6pm
Tuesday 30 June 2020 New Intake Evening 2 – 6pm
Wednesday 1 July 2020 New Intake Day – All pupils to attend 8.30am – 2.55pm in primary uniform.
Thursday 2 July 2020 New Intake Day – All pupils to attend 8.30am – 2.55pm in primary uniform..

Questions from Year 6 to Year 7

  • Rewards trip to Chester Zoo
  • Fanwood

Not in Year 7 but you do in the older year groups, there is a skiing trip to America this year, a trip to Spain and lots of other foreign trips too.

  • Fractions
  • Algebra
  • Angles
  • Negative numbers
  • Simplifying / Expanding brackets
  • Bidmas
  • Simplifying quadratics
  • High common factor & lowest common multiple
  • Coordinates
  • Extra curricular timetable – lots of clubs
  • Large variety
  • Sports team – football girls & boys, netball, athletics, rugby, basketball, running club, cricket, rounders
  • Dodgeball, table tennis, badminton, fitness suite, hockey
  • Homework club, sports clubs, drama clubs, cooking clubs, dance club, reading club – see timetable
  • There are lunchtime clubs as well
  • You get lost easily at the start
  • The school feels really big at the start but you get used to it
  • There is a map in the planner you receive
  • If you get lost ask a pupil, prefect or a teacher
  • 8.40am start – 3.10pm finish
  • Clubs are 3.15 – 4.15pm
  • Break – 20 minutes
  • Lunch – 35 minutes
  • Wharton Dining Hall is for Year 7, 8 & 9
    1. Hot meal of the day
    2. Cold meals – Sandwiches, Salads, pasta
  • Quad – Year 7 & 8
  • Vending machine which dispenses drinks which you can’t buy at the counter

The best meals are:

  • Chicken Naans
  • Croissants
  • Bagels
  • Sandwiches/baguettes
  • Pasta
  • Curry
  • Cheese toasties
  • Roast dinner

Yes, but they are also friendly. They are strict to make sure that behaviour is good so that we can learn and enjoy our lessons.

Yes, the school tries to put you with your friends

Yes, we get lots for good behaviour and working well

We learn about the Victorians and the Romans

Yes, we use protractors, calculators and compasses

Yes, I find reading group helpful

The year team will make it stop and they will help you.

Science, Maths, English, Technology, Art, PE, History, Music, Drama, ICT, EPR, Geography, Spanish/French

It is really big at the start and quite scary but it gets easier as we are all in the same situation

  • Always remember your equipment
  • Behave and don’t shout out

Yes, students get extra support with their reading and writing from Mrs Jackson and the SEND team in the Bridge. They will spend time during form and PD working on ways to support them with their English.

Maps, continents, other cultures and countries

Heart dissection, chemical reactions and we have used microscopes

Yes, most people want to make new friends

We get 2-3 pieces per day as we get a piece from most subjects each week.

  • It was actually really fun because we meet loads of new people
  • It was scary but I enjoyed it


When I first came to The Morley Academy, honestly, I felt a little scared because it is bigger than primary school. When I first went to my classroom my heart bumped faster than it has ever done before but with the help from my new friends and teachers I feel happy.

I have taken part in a school election and I now represent year 7 in the student executive. I am having a lot of fun in all of my classes as well as having to face difficult challenges like the Purple Zone. You need to be resilient and that’s my advice.

I am proud and so should you be to become a student at The Morley Academy.

Year 7 Student

The transition from Year 6 to high school might be scary at first but it is also fantastic. All of the staff are so friendly, helpful and nice and don’t worry about getting lost, it happens but the prefects or staff help you and you don’t get told off, people are just kind. After the first week you will be showing people around yourself and you will already know you way around.

Year 7 Student

Hi, I’m one of the new Year 7’s at The Morley Academy this year.

Coming into a massive place like The Morley Academy from primary school was a little daunting to start with, but, like you will, I quickly adapted to TMA lifestyle and learned my way around.

The teachers will always understand how you feel, and they will do all that they can to put you at ease and support you. Knowing where and when to go to places becomes second nature after a while, and I can assure you that coming into this school is nothing to worry about as I have fun every day.

My advice to you would be to give your best effort in everything you do, aim high and stay focused. Your effort and hard work will be rewarded with praise!

Year 7 Student