Here at The Morley Academy we take pride in the outstanding careers advice and guidance provision that we offer. It is vital that students are supported through transition at every stage. The GORSE Academies Trust’s student voice within Year 11 posed questions to the students who are currently studying at our Post-16 provision, Elliott Hudson College and below you will find their helpful answers to these:

Questions from Year 11 to Year 12

  • Students are given choices of what to wear and generally choose relaxed, comfortable and casual clothing.
  • As this is a place of work, nothing too extreme is allowed such as cropped tops, hoodies, ripped jeans or jogging bottoms- except for sport

No extreme hair colours or cuts as this does not reflect the needs of future employers or workplaces

We would speak to someone from the Careers Team, specialist subject teachers or our Progress Tutors

We didn’t really understand this question, but would suggest that students use the Leeds College of Music website for this information, contact them directly or attend an Open Day

  • Depends on your timetable
  • Use your time wisely, it is your choice
  • We would recommend that you stay and work at College
  • If you have timetabled lessons you definitely need to attend those, but if you have ‘free’ periods you can study at home if you prefer
  • More independent study, in addition to homework
  • Small bits of more challenging work, start early so you don’t get overloaded
  • At least a couple of hours a day, some of this is spent at College and some at home
  • Practise exam questions, start early, try harder questions to challenge yourself
  • Be organised and remember to take a break, do one thing at a time, focus on the subject you find hardest.
  • Be organised and start early
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