At The Morley Academy, we believe that all young people, regardless of ability or need, can flourish in our outstanding environment. We are extremely proud of our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) provision. The SENDCo, Mrs James- Harrison, is responsible for the coordination of the offer we provide for our young people.

The department is keen to ensure that every young person makes outstanding progress, through a careful journey of support and personalisation. We aim to develop independent learners who are able to aspire beyond any limitations.

The team is centralised from our support centre, The Bridge. It is here that students attend individual and small group programmes which focus on the essentials of literacy, reading and social skills. Students are also able to socialise here during break and lunch, where they are supervised by the SEND department.  Students may access The Bridge for plethora of reasons; our aim is to remove barriers to learning so access to lessons is re-established.

Well-established links and close co-operation with external agencies and Primary schools enables us to work closely with you as parents/carers. It is this strong working relationship that strengthens the support we can offer to young people.

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H Dixon-Connor
SEND and Intervention

N James-Harrison
SEND Coordinator

K Lawson
Chair of Governors – SEND

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of help can be offered to pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disability?2019-09-19T10:51:35+01:00
  • A strong and experienced pastoral team
  • Differentiated materials in lessons
  • Personalised tasks within lessons
  • Teaching Assistant support
  • Individual and small group literacy programmes
  • Additional numeracy support
  • Help and advice from Learning Mentors
  • A variety of programmes to help pupils improve their social skills and their behaviour
  • Access to The Bridge, the school’s Learning Support Centre
  • An after school Homework Club
  • Bespoke 1:1 intervention and/or small group intervention for literacy based concerns
  • Technology for access

We value the involvement of parents and carers, and offer them assistance through our Pastoral Officers and Safeguarding team.

The Morley Academy has been awarded the Education Leeds Inclusion Chartermark in recognition of its efforts and achievements in this area.

How are children and young people included in the planning for their support and provision?2019-09-19T10:52:53+01:00

At The Morley Academy, excellent relationships are fostered between students and members of staff to ensure all young people feel comfortable and confident when having conversations about their education.

When a student requires additional provision, this will be explained to that young person as appropriate.

Every week, students receive an opportunity to speak one-to-one with their form tutor and voice any concerns or troubles they may be experiencing during the PD lesson. The form tutor will then deal with this by any appropriate means.

When reviewing provision, students will meet as appropriate with the SENDCo, Head of Year/Pastoral Officer, or form tutor to resolve any worries they may have and promote understanding.

At The Morley Academy we are committed to including and supporting pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND).

We seek to meet the individual needs of all pupils and an extensive range of intervention strategies is available both inside and outside of the mainstream classroom setting.

Well-established links and close co-operation with feeder schools ensures that appropriate provision is in place when pupils start at The Morley Academy. Parents and carers are encouraged to provide relevant information about their child’s special educational needs and prior to transition to meet with the Special Educational Needs and disabilities Co-ordinator, Mrs N James-Harrison.

How are the school’s resources allocated and matched to children’s/young people’s special educational needs?2017-09-07T08:53:22+01:00

If a student has an EHCP, the school will ensure the student has access to the provision described in that document. The provision will be reviewed in partnership with parents along with the student to ensure it is suitable in enabling him/her to make good progress whilst at the same time taking responsibility for their own learning and development.

If the SENDCo wishes the student to be placed on the SEND Register, the student’s parents/carer will be invited into the academy to discuss the reasons for this and what its impact will have.

The impact will be measured through the student’s progress in lessons.

A member of the Senior Leadership Team will oversee and assure the quality of this process.

How will the school prepare and support my child/young person to join the academy, transfer to a new academy or the next stage of education and life?2017-09-07T08:53:22+01:00

For all prospective students, the SENDCo and another senior member of staff will speak with the student’s current school about any additional needs they might have so that we can put in place an appropriate transition plan.

If students have any additional needs, or are on the SEND Register, they may be selected by their school to attend additional transition days which will support the transition process and allow us to further identify any additional support a child may need.

For students with existing SEND, we invite parents to contact us if they wish to meet regarding the transition of their child.

Wherever possible, the SENDCo will attend to the annual review of all Year 6 students with existing statements of SEND or Education, Health and Care Plan. This will allow a dialogue between the academy and primary school.

In Year 6, all prospective students and their parents will be given the opportunity to attend a new intake evening, where the policies and procedures for the academy will be given.

Following this evening, all students are invited to attend a new intake day, when they will be introduced to elements of a ‘normal’ school day.

What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the academy?2017-09-07T08:53:23+01:00

The academy has strong ties with specialist services within the area. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Educational Psychologists
  • Occupational therapy
  • Complex needs team
  • Speech and Language Therapist Team
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)
  • Hearing Impaired Team

This list is not exhaustive and The Morley Academy is committed to communicating and working with professionals involved with a child or family.

What support will there be for my child’s/young person’s overall well-being?2019-09-19T10:54:25+01:00

Pastoral support for all students will primarily be given by the student’s form tutor, Head of Year/Pastoral Officer and Assistant Principal.

Throughout the academy, students will be part of the Positive Discipline system and be given regular and specific praise in lessons in the form of subject stamps. This system provides a consistent approach to behaviour.

If the child needs any further specific and personalised support, the SENDCo may, if appropriate, assign them a Teaching Assistant.

Attendance Officers monitor attendance and devise strategies for improving attendance.

PSHCEE is delivered termly to all students through Be Smart days.

How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s/young person’s needs?2017-09-07T08:53:23+01:00

At The Morley Academy, teachers expertly personalise teaching and learning to promote engagement and progress.

In English and mathematics, students are set by ability in order to maximise progress for all. The sets are regularly reviewed to ensure that no student is being restricted in their learning.

Although all students will receive quality first teaching, other interventions may be necessary, such as small group work or specific 1:1 intervention.

Teaching Assistants are deployed on a personalised, flexible basis to ensure a student has the necessary support to achieve whilst experiencing the freedom to become an independent, resilient learner.

How will academy staff support my child/young person?2019-09-19T10:55:31+01:00

All teachers at the academy are teachers of students with SEND and will support students in their classes by personalising their lessons in response to a student’s needs.

The SENDCo oversees the education programme on a day to day basis for students with SEND.

Each child is assigned a form tutor who is the main point of contact for any concerns or advice about a student’s education. Form tutors are managed by a Head of Year/Pastoral Officer who can also be contacted via the academy’s main telephone number.

How does the academy know if children/young people need extra help and what should I do if I think my child/young person may have special educational needs?2019-09-19T10:56:17+01:00

We speak with primary schools about each new student joining The Morley Academy in Year 6 in order to gather as much information as possible.

Most students requiring any additional support will be identified at this stage or sometimes earlier.

The SENDCo holds meetings with Pastoral Officers and Assistant Principals about any students who have a SEND and may then assess the student.

The SENDCo maintains strong relationships with outside agencies should a child need to assessed for SEND. These agencies will provide examples of good practice for the academy to follow.

Students are assessed on an individual basis to identify any extra help they may need.

If parents are worried that their child may have SEND, the SENDCo is the first point of contact.

How will we assess how your child/young person is doing and how will we help you to support my child’s/young person’s learning?2019-09-19T10:57:23+01:00

Every student in the academy is assessed formally on a termly basis and data is reported to parents along with information about whether or not your child is on track to achieve their target grade. Once per year this data is accompanied by summary comments from the form tutor and Head of Year / Pastoral Officers.

At each Assessment Point the SENDCo, along with the Senior Leadership Team, analyses the data of students with SEND to ensure they are making progress in line with their peers. If students are not making, or are not on track to make expected progress, appropriate intervention and sourcing of any additional support will be put in place.

The Student Planner provides the opportunity for regular home-academy contact. Parents are able to see rewards received for good behaviour, comments about negative behaviour and homework.

There is a Parents’ Evening for each year group every school year, with an additional evening for Year 7 students to review the transition from primary school.

Throughout the year, there are opportunities for parents to attend ENGAGE evenings. At these times, parents are invited to come and experience lessons alongside their son or daughter and receive advice on further supporting their learning at home.

What kinds of Special Educational Needs does The Morley Academy cater for?2017-09-07T08:53:25+01:00

We are a mainstream secondary academy and welcome students with SEN in the following areas:

  • Communication and Interaction (For example: Speech and Language, or Autism Spectrum Condition)
  • Social, emotional and mental health difficulties (SEMH)
  • Sensory and/or physical needs (Inclusive of visual, hearing and multisensory impairment)
  • Cognition and learning
How can I contact the SENDCo?2017-09-07T08:53:25+01:00

The SENDCo is a qualified teacher, who works closely with the Assistant Principal and Principal to ensure that all students with SEND make excellent progress.

SENDCo: Mrs N James-Harrison

Telephone Number: 0113 253 2952

Email: [email protected], marked FAO: SENDCo