Positive Discipline

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  • Positive Discipline is the tool that underpins the foundation of behaviour management at The Morley Academy. It ensures colleagues are consistent and fair as a staff body in our approach to young people in lessons and around the academy.

  • It helps build respect and positive relationships between students and members of staff which promotes outstanding attitudes to learning which ultimately allows progress over time.

  • Students value the Positive Discipline System as clear boundaries are in place which ensure that students are safe and their well-being is always top priority.

  • Positive Discipline must be fair and consistent; if this did not occur students would feel aggrieved and ultimately standards would fall which impacts on all aspects of our work.

  • Positive Discipline is not just about the negative comments given but is very much about rewarding the positives!

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Sanctions for Misdemeanours (Academy)
Sanctions for Misdemeanours (Classroom)