Engage is our programme for bringing students and their parents or carers together, to engage in fun and interactive activities. It is a programme for all students from Years 7-11.

The evenings are either subject specific – giving parents and carers the opportunity to experience how a subject may be taught – or will focus of other elements of academy learning that may be important for our students.

Students and their parents and carers are invited to several Engage evenings throughout the academic year, where they all work together for 90 minutes across two subject areas.  Subjects covered include:  English, Mathematics, Science, Drama, Design Technology, Modern Foreign Languages, History, Geography, PE and Art.  In addition, there are also several evenings that are non-subject specific, including the “Exam Showcase” – where attendees look at various revision and exam strategies and the “Be Smart” Engage Evening – with a PSHCEE (Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic Education) focus.

In previous years, feedback from parents and carers has been overwhelmingly positive, with them telling us that a greater understanding of the subjects their child is studying has enabled them to provide more support at home.

2019/2020 is a huge year for Engage, as we have adapted our calendar of events as requested by those who have attended previously. Prior to an Engage Evening, you will receive communication from us to advertise the event, typically two weeks before it happens. In addition, we urge you to keep an eye on our Instagram and Twitter accounts for more information about each evening.

Engage Evenings are a big part of our commitment to working with parents and carers and we continue to adapt the content of the evening to the demands of those who attend.

You can sign up to each evening by filling in the form below. We look forward to welcoming you at one of our Engage Evenings soon.

The Morley Academy Engage Calendar

Date Focus Time
19/9/19 Y7-Y11 Extra Curricular Clubs, GORSE Gets Healthy, P.E. 6-7:30pm
30/9/19 Y9 Option subjects Engage Evening. 6-7:30pm
24/10/19 Year 10&11 English/Maths/Science Engage Evening. 6-7:30pm
17/10/19 Y7&8 History and Geography and MFL Engage Evening. 6-7:30pm
12/12/19 Y7-10 Be Smart Engage Evening. 6-7:30pm
16/1/20 Y10&11 Exam Showcase. 6-7:30pm
5/3/20 Y7&8 English, Maths and Science Engage Evening. 6-7:30pm
4/6/20 Y6 Engage Evening. 6-7:30pm
18/6/20 Student Participation Engage Evening. 6-7:30pm