The Morley Academy has purchased a licence for GCSEPod and every student now has a login to access this resource. GCSEPod provides highly concentrated 3-5 minute bursts of audio-visual, expert-written learning which can help to reinforce and consolidate key topics covered in lessons.

GCSEPod can be assessed using the website address or students can download the app through their app store to their phone or tablet. Students are able to download the video content to their device whilst connected to wifi so that it does not affect their data allowance. Teachers will guide students to the content that is most useful for their specific examination specification and we encourage students to speak to their subject teachers about GCSEPod and how best to use it for revision in each subject. We would always encourage students to use GCSEPod alongside other revision resources and past examination papers in order to ensure that they are embedding the knowledge required for their examination and practicing specific examination skills.

Other Useful Resources

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