The Student Planner is a very important feature of life at The Morley Academy. It is used by students to record their homework and assessment information, and by staff to indicate rewards and sanctions. As such, the Student Planner is a vital tool for communication between students, staff and parents and carers.

Parents and carers should be aware of the following features of the Student Planner:

  • Week to view pages include a section for stamps and negative comments. If a student receives three stamps in a subject, this equates to a credit. Once students have received 50 credits they are eligible for a certificate in recognition of their achievements. Negative comments are recorded using a code (B, H, L, E, U), explained at the front of the Student Planner.

  • A signature is required each week to show that a parent or carer has seen the Student Planner at home.

  • The yellow Assessment Point Review pages at the back of the Student Planner provide a record of the conversations that students have with their teachers. All students should know their current level of performance and target level, and should understand what they need to do to achieve it and how they will go about doing this.

  • Linking Learning pages at the back of the Student Planner are designed to assist students and their parents and carers with learning at home.