Sustained excellence in teaching and learning is our core business. We believe this leads to outstanding rates of progress for all students throughout their time with us.

We support our teaching professionals in terms of:

  • Personalised Continuous Professional Development;

  • Training in awareness and understanding of barriers which may prevent students progressing;

  • Strategic Seating and Interaction Plans (SSIP).

We support our students by:

  • Developing their resilience and leadership skills;

  • Pushing them out of their comfort zone (The Purple Zone);

  • Encouraging high levels of student engagement;

  • Promoting expert questioning;

  • Appropriately pitching personalised challenges;

  • Placing them within the ‘Purple Zone’, where they engage in the silent application of highly challenging work.

  • Encouraging them to respond to feedback, including challenges set as part of the marking and feedback process. We are keen for students to take ownership of their learning journey and engage in a learning dialogue with their subject teachers.

  • Encouraging them to be leaders of their learning, for example, we support our students in developing resilience and independence so that they are able to rise to the challenges of the unexpected. We recognise that one of the key skills students need to master to achieve the higher grades in their examinations is the ability to apply their learning in unfamiliar contexts.