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Our academy supports the Government’s recommendations on eating healthily and achieving a balanced diet. We believe it ensures the wellbeing of every student in all aspects of school life.

We provide healthy and nutritious food throughout our academy dining, whether that is for breakfast, break or lunch; our meals and snacks will give students all the brain power they need to succeed.

Students may bring food and drink from home into the academy. This is on the proviso that these food items meet with our healthy eating policy. Items that do not will be confiscated. We value parents’ and carers’ support in this.

Students use ParentPay – our cashless payment system – to buy their food and drink, a system that can easily be ‘topped up’ by parents and carers at home.

The Morley Academy has designated areas for consuming Food and drink, including our brand new Thompson Dining Hall and our recently refurbished Wharton Dining Hall.

Download our Healthy Eating Guidance