Global Learning

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The Morley Academy has a long-standing commitment to global learning to ensure that students’ academic achievements are complimented with an understanding of global issues, valuable life skills and opportunities to reflect upon their values and share their opinions.  In doing so, we hope we equip and empower students to become active global citizens in the 21st Century.

The Morley Academy is proud to have achieved the International Schools Award for its work on Global Learning and in 2014 became one of two Global Learning Expert Centres in Leeds.  Through this work we supported local primary and secondary schools in their own global learning journeys. We will be reapplying for this prestigious award in July 2017, so watch this space to see if our achievements are once again rewarded!

Over the years, The Morley Academy has linked with a variety of schools, including schools in Zambia, Poland and South Africa.  With support from the British Council, both staff and students had the opportunity to visit our link school in Durban, South Africa, which created a real buzz around the academy.  Students at The Morley Academy learnt to speak Isi Zulu, cook South-Africa Indian cuisine and listened first-hand to accounts of the Apartheid and impact of Nelson Mandela.  Whilst, two students from The Morley Academy visited Durban they shared dance routines, recipes and spoke to South African students about Leeds, British Culture and climate change.  From 2016, The Morley Academy has broadened its school links, seeing each year in Key Stage 3 linking with a different country to support learning in different curriculum areas.  Year 7 students are linked with two schools, one in Spain and one in France to utilise the skills developed in modern foreign languages and learn about each other’s culture and lifestyles.  Year 8 is linked with India, which will support work in EPR by exploring the meaning of life and spirituality. Finally, Year 9 are linked with a school in Zambia, which will allow Music students to collaborate internationally.  In addition, we are embarking on a heritage language project which will explore and celebrate the diverse community at The Morley Academy.

Sustainability remains high on The Morley Academy’s agenda; therefore, an Eco-Club has been running for 5 years and continues to drive the Academy’s green credentials.  We have been successful in being awarded the Silver Eco-Schools award and continue to work towards the Green Flag Award.  In 2014, students designed and built an eco-garden next to the All-weather pitch which has provided staff and students with healthy soups, salads and desserts which have been cooked and eaten together.

Our ever more interconnected and fast-paced world presents our students with many opportunities and challenges.  To help young people make sense of global issues, current affairs and the political sphere we regularly deliver assemblies and form activities which debunk myths and invite students to consider and share their own values and opinions.  For example, in both the 2015 General Election and 2016 EU Referendum, students took part in their own mock elections to promote active citizenship and political engagement.  We also annually support Fairtrade Fortnight, for example last year we held Fairtrade Bake Sales, a treasure hunt and chocolate tasting.

At The Morley Academy, we will continue to promote global learning with the aim to make our world a fairer, greener and more peaceful place.