Vision and Ethos

Vision and Ethos 2018-05-30T11:16:09+00:00

‘Where there is no vision The people perish’
Proverb 29:18

The Morley Academy is the founding academy member of The GORSE Academies Trust.  We are renowned for our moral purpose and our belief that all can succeed, whatever a person’s circumstances or background.

We are committed to supporting the development of global citizens, who are at ease with themselves and each other, with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the midst of exponential change.  The secret of our longevity and continued growth is the wider adaptability of our people, including their passion and ability to work in partnership and spark off each other to be creative and innovative. We will never be distracted from our mission to secure outstanding educational outcomes for all learners and to champion, develop and accredit, as an Advanced Teaching School and Student Centred Initial Teacher Training provider, our exceptional practitioners.

We are outward facing and engage with a wide range of stakeholders, nationally and internationally. At the heart of our aims as a Trust, working under the leadership of The GORSE Academies Trust’s Executive Principal Sir John Townsley, is a recognition that exceptional schools are built upon key foundations: excellent leadership; high standards of professional effectiveness; a relentless focus on improvement; very high standards of behaviour; a constant focus on teaching, learning and innovation; risk taking and succession planning.

Outstanding professional development and training combine with an extensive range of personalised career development opportunities at The Morley Academy. Colleagues feel valued, appreciated and nurtured and many have gone on to hold senior positions in educational organisations across the UK.

We strive to ensure our students are leaders of their own learning and that they master the key skills which are needed in preparation for adult life. We want our students to be independent thinkers who are able to lead themselves and others in the learning process; we want them to see that it is effort and attention to detail that ultimately reaps rewards. Furthermore, we want them to take an active role in society and in the wider life of the academy. We are keen for our students to understand that opportunities for learning do not cease at 3.10 pm and that they are responsible for carving their ultimate path. Now, more than ever before, our students need to be aware of the power of technology; the benefits it has to offer and the dangers that face those who misuse it. As professionals we believe it is our responsibility, in partnership with their parents and carers, to broaden our students’ horizons and give them numerous opportunities to consider and debate social, moral, spiritual and cultural issues.

You will see from our recent inspections and examination results that all of the key information suggests that The Morley Academy is a successful place to study and learn.  But that is only a part of what we are about and we would urge anyone who is looking to join us as a student, parent or a professional to make an appointment to spend time with us.