At The Morley Academy we are passionate about giving our students a voice and an opinion about how the academy is run.

We want our students to leave us as responsible citizens who:

  • Make a positive contribution to society
  • Are well prepared for life and work, including economic and moral freedom
  • Appreciate the benefits of diversity and challenge injustice
  • Believe they can change things for the better
  • Earn the esteem of others

Our commitment as a staff body is:

  • To have high standards for all students
  • To have a determination that disadvantage can be overcome and equality advanced
  • To have huge ambitions for all the young people we serve
  • To be intolerant of mediocrity and cynicism
  • To endeavour to engage our parents in our work
  • Typicality – well planned and well delivered, day-in, day-out

  • Positive relationships showing mutual respect, humility and resilience

  • Regular and detailed feedback, for without it sustained improvements will not happen

Student Leadership Board
Made up of the Senior Prefect team and a chair from each strand of Student Leadership. Will debate key ideas and issues within the academy alongside discussing these ideas at SLT and Governors.
World Class School Environmental Ambassadors GORSE Gets Healthy House Ambassadors Student Council Prefects
To ensure that we regularly uphold the WCSQM standards  on a daily basis, ensuring that this is fed throughout all parts of the academy. To raise awareness of the environment within the academy, to help promote creating a sustainable environment within the academy and to  participation in house events, To improve the physical, mental and social well being of students and to promote a healthy and active lifestyle  and promote house activities. A democratically elected body who aim to develop the school based upon the views of students. To help to raise issues within both the academy and the local community Year 11 students who are role models within the academy. They take a lead role within departments  and help to model the skills and attitudes of successful learners to all students