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Prefect role within The Morley Academy –

“Being a Prefect as well as Head Boy at The Morley Academy has been a unique experience for me so far. The role has given me the opportunity to get to know the teachers and their roles within the academy in far more detail as well as working with students from younger year groups which has allowed me to understand the needs and feelings of others.

On behalf of the Prefect team, I can say becoming a Prefect has helped us to become more mature and has allowed us to understand how important it is to give other students a good impression of yourself and to be a role model to others.

Prefects carry out one lunch time duty per week around the academy, this has allowed us to model positive behaviours and has given us responsibility and taught us about commitment. This role has really helped to develop my literacy and communication skills. I have written many speeches and articles and have presented to students, teachers as well as parents on many occasions.

To be a Prefect at The Morley Academy you need to be able to self-regulate your behaviour, be responsible and willing to support others, you need to be kind and you also need to show commitment to the academy as you will be expected to attend events such as Remembrance Sunday and open evenings.

I hope that when you are in Year 10 that you will want to become a part of our Prefect team, the opportunity and the rewards have certainly made it an experience that I will never forget”

– Francisco Larez, Head Boy

We want our students to leave us as responsible citizens who:

  • Make a positive contribution to society
  • Are well prepared for life and work, including economic and moral freedom
  • Appreciate the benefits of diversity and challenge injustice
  • Believe they can change things for the better
  • Earn the esteem of others

Our commitment as a staff body is:

  • To have high standards for all students
  • To have a determination that disadvantage can be overcome and equality advanced
  • To have huge ambitions for all the young people we serve
  • To be intolerant of mediocrity and cynicism
  • To endeavour to engage our parents in our work
  • Typicality – well planned and well delivered, day-in, day-out

  • Positive relationships showing mutual respect, humility and resilience

  • Regular and detailed feedback, for without it sustained improvements will not happen