Principal’s Welcome

Principal’s Welcome 2017-11-22T12:59:09+00:00

Having been appointed as Principal of The Morley Academy in November 2014 it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website. I hope you find the information available interesting and informative; our aim is to try and capture, as much as is possible, what it is like to be a part of our exceptional academy.

I often describe The Morley Academy as ‘addictive’; having worked at the academy since 2005 this is very much something I stand by and experience daily. The wonderful mix of professionals who care deeply about their students and their desire to do the best they can for them, within a leadership ethos that ensures all are empowered to overcome any potential barrier, gives rise to students enjoying a safe, nurturing environment in which they are encouraged and supported to take risks.

We are a focused school which benefits from being a part of the nationally renowned GORSE Academies Trust led by our Executive Principal, Sir John Townsley. High standards and expectations are non-negotiable for all and achieved through the correct application of the Positive Discipline Policy. Within the environment this creates students are able to learn freely without low level disruption eroding precious time. Their confidence is built; they are rewarded for their efforts and are able to feel a keen sense of pride.

In March 2009 we were judged to be ‘Outstanding’ by OFSTED and in May 2013 we were re-designated as Outstanding in all aspects of our provision. Furthermore, in December 2016 we were officially designated a World Class School. I would encourage you to read a copy of the 2013 Inspection report and to explore the academy’s website further, to give you a sense of the remarkable things that take place in our school on a daily basis. All of our work is about providing an outstanding experience for all of our students both inside and outside the classroom. As a consequence of the rich learning environment provided at the academy, student performance is extremely impressive. The results from the 2017 GCSE examination series place us once again, amongst the top performing schools nationally; with a provisional Progress 8 score of +0.65 the Morley Academy is recognised to have performed significantly above average and is within the top 7% of schools nationally.

Importantly, we have a strong moral compass and are determined to ensure students from all backgrounds are able to secure the gift of choice; this is a passion of ours – the ability to ensure that all students are able to leave The Morley Academy with a strong suite of qualifications which ultimately ensures they are able to actively choose their next steps and their future path. It is this choice, we believe, that gives rise to happiness and, ultimately, being happy is at the root of all we desire, isn’t it? This moral purpose is backed up by exceptional performance: in 2017 the Progress 8 score for disadvantaged students was +0.75; this is remarkable.

As you would expect our curriculum provides students with a personalised learning experience. Our Key Stage 4 programme of study commences in Year 9 and whilst the English Baccalaureate (E-Bacc) will be the qualification of choice for most of our students, our curriculum is still comprehensive and inclusive. We are most certainly not driven by politics but by doing the right thing for our young people. As an organisation, working within The GORSE Academies Trust, we utilise our national connections to ensure we stay abreast of educational policy and are well placed to ensure our learners thrive within the ever changing educational landscape.

We continue to work tirelessly with all of our partner feeder schools to make sure our youngest students are ready for the challenges of life in the academy and are happy and supported throughout their time with us. Furthermore, our students are closely supported by a team of careers specialists who help them to consider their aspirations and desired next steps and support them with applications to Post-16 providers, employers or training programmes including higher level apprenticeships. Students at The Morley Academy are prioritised within the Trust’s Post-16 provision; Elliott Hudson College. Having opened in September 2015 the college has attracted national attention and is the preferred Post-16 provider for students across Leeds and the surrounding areas, not least because of their impressive results which see them being one of the top providers for Post-16 in the country.

The resounding message that I would like to leave you with is that we are determined to ensure that every young person emerges from The Morley Academy with the gift of a formal, academic education which equips them for study at the best universities in the world and to flourish in the most demanding jobs. The Morley Academy is a wonderful place to spend time; you will always find us humble and eager to learn.

If you are a prospective student, parent or member of staff and would like to visit us, please contact the academy; you are always very welcome.

Leanne Griffiths