Buildings and Facilities

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The Morley Academy is made up of a range of buildings. The earliest building dates back to the opening of Morley Secondary and Technical School in 1907. All departments have their own area in the Academy with specialist suites of classrooms.

The Academy is well provisioned with ICT and Technology equipment with 8 dedicated ICT suites as well as specialist technology for Art, Music, Media and Technology.

The summer of 2016 saw a great deal of construction work to improve the social spaces that our students use. The old post-16 common room has been redecorated to create a vibrant space for work and social time for our Year 11 students. Other areas of the academy have been converted into social spaces for our Year 10 and Year 9 students. We have also invested a great deal of money and effort into improving the dining facilities at The Morley Academy with a new Dining Hall constructed for our Key Stage 4 students and a complete renovation and refit of our kitchen. We have also built a new area for students who are finding it difficult to access the curriculum called ‘The Bridge’. This includes a care suite for any students with physical impairments and easy access to the ground floor of the academy.

Other recent developments have included new toilets, new cladding and windows for the front of the Academy and the Sports Hall and the creation of a flexible learning centre. We also have a recently built state of the art Music block.

The Morley Academy is now being prioritised by our Trust regarding the development of its buildings. As an example, £2 million has now been set aside for the total renovation of the original grammar school building over the next three years, an investment which many of us believe is long overdue. The vision for the development of the original grammar school building can be viewed below.