“Prefects are students in years 10 and 11 who have applied for a role of a Prefect at The Morley Academy. They are students who have been both kind and supportive role models around the academy and have shown their commitment to their studies and the vision of the academy. Particularly helpful to the new Year 7 students and students in lower year groups, the Prefect team can be seen around school helping students and staff alike.

Within their application, Prefects identify a subject area that they wish to work with and support in order to gain valuable work experience. Prefects strive to assist their chosen subject department, supporting with event planning, resources and lesson planning as well as creating interactive displays.

Joining the Prefect team also reaps many benefits, such as a discount on your prom ticket and also being put forward to assist in many other school events like the September Fair and joining the prom committee. This gives students opportunities to partake in these events and present their ideas.

Being a Prefect is a highly enjoyable experience, giving lots of opportunities to students who are willing to put the extra effort in, it supports your application to Post-16 and further education and shows your commitment, hard work and above all you get experience of working with people who are not in your year group which gives you confidence.”

– D Vickers, Prefect

We want our students to leave us as responsible citizens who:

  • make a positive contribution to society
  • are well prepared for life and work, including economic and moral freedom
  • appreciate the benefits of diversity and challenge injustice
  • believe they can change things for the better
  • earn the esteem of others

Our commitment as a staff body is:

  • to have high standards for all students
  • to have a determination that disadvantage can be overcome and equality advanced
  • to have huge ambitions for all the young people we serve
  • to be intolerant of mediocrity and cynicism
  • to endeavour to engage our parents in our work
  • typicality – well planned and well delivered, day-in, day-out

  • positive relationships showing mutual respect, humility and resilience

  • regular and detailed feedback, for without it sustained improvements will not happen